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Burglar Alarms

Advanced Alarms domestic burglar alarm systems help ensure that you, your home and possessions can be protected 24 hours a day from intruders or burglars. Our burglar alarm systems are designed specifically for you and your specific and exacting requirements to provide an effective and cost efficient deterrent to burglars or intruders. As well as fitting into the everyday needs of you and your home, each system is aesthetically pleasing and simple to use.

Which Type of Alarm?

Wired or Wire Free

Advanced Alarms install both wired and wireless intruder / burglar alarms systems.

Traditionally difficult installations have been solved and wire free has truly come of age. Advanced Alarms uses the latest wireless technology approved to PD6662 and operating on 868.65.MHZ. Long gone are the days of unreliable trigger happy systems. The new generation of wire free systems is stylish, reliable and competitively priced.

But they aren’t always the best option. In fact, the majority of the systems we install are still hardwired and there are perfectly good reasons for this.

Which type we fit depends upon your home, and upon what you require. There are pros and cons to both wired and wire free systems and we'll happily and honestly explain what these are to you.

Get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer your queries or give advice, completely free of charge or obligation.

Whatever type of alarm you choose, all Advanced Alarms systems follow the same principles:

  • They Give great Value
  • Have excellent track records
  • Are aesthetically pleasing
  • Simple to use
  • Offer great flexibility

Got Pets?

Traditionally a problem area, these days there are excellent detection devices that will happily live with almost all domestic pet environments, with pet immunity offered up to 100lbs in weight! We’re tried and tested these in our own homes and are confident in the products ability to deliver what they promise.


All professionally installed Intruder Alarms should be installed in accordance with the British Standards in force, currently PD6662:2004 (the UK interpretation of  BS EN50131),

Advanced Alarms avoid the DIY market place as we know that a reliable system is essential to our customers. That is why we only use certified equipment and trained, qualified engineers.

Whatever system you require, and whatever the design proposal we put together, all systems designed and installed by Advanced Alarms will comply with the requirements of the following:

  • National Security Inspectorate
  • PD6662:2004
  • BS7671
  • DD243:2004 (Where Police Response is required)

What about notification?

When we talk about notification, what we mean is who will be notified of an alarm activation? The answer is that Alarm activations are “notified” in different ways dependent upon the design and risk. Most domestic properties are “Audible bells only” but increasingly, people are looking to enhance their home security further with monitored systems.

Included are:

Audible Bells Only   Local Notifcation only
Speech Dialler Local Notifcation & to keyholders
Digital Communicator     Local Notifcation & to keyholders and Police
Dual Com GPRS Local Notification & to keyholders and Police
RedCARE and RedCARE GSM  Local Notification & to keyholders and Police

Insurance companies often require notification of alarms to be via high quality and highly secure networks such as a RedCARE or Dual Com product. Advanced Alarms are perfectly placed and approved to provide any of these

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Whatever system you have installed, we won’t leave you until you’ve grasped the use of your alarm system.  The equipment we fit is very simple to use and we offer several different ways of setting and un-setting your alarm. Still most common is the tried and trusty 4 or 6 digit pin code, but alongside this method many systems now offer proximity tags or wireless fobs as an alternative option.

There’s nothing to worry about when using your alarm system, and we will be with you every step of the way until you’re totally confident in its use.

What about ‘After Sales Care’ and ‘Maintenance Agreements’?

Advanced Alarms offer full and comprehensive options at excellent prices. Click here for more detail.

Already have a system or need a repair, alteration or upgrade?

No problem. Advanced Alarms will adopt, repair and maintain all third party systems. Contact us for a site survey or quote for service or repair.