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24hr emergency call out cover 365 days a year

24hr Emergency Call Out

24hr Call Out

However good the kit is that we fit, and however well we fit it, invariably, from time to time, electronic systems can and do go wrong. When they do, nothing is worse than finding out that you can’t get anyone to attend to help. Being a customer of ours with a service agreement ensures this response is guaranteed, and where charges do apply they are at our preferred price list rates.

Customers not in a service agreement with us will still get a response (ID and payment on the day will be required) but this will be at a lower level of priority (contracted customers come first) and at higher rates. We believe it’s the fair way to run our emergency call out service.

Advanced Alarms are proud to provide a quality 24 hour cover 365 days a year with guaranteed fast responses to all faults and requests to attend.

Our duty engineer is contacted by calling: 07808 928664