You want honesty from your Security provider, Right?


We sometimes check out our competitors websites and get passed their literature. We read their claims and in some cases we can't really believe what we're reading, because we know what's being written just isn't true. One claims have been established for 8 years yet the truth is that they started working for someone else 8 years ago! Another claims to have been established 2 years longer every year, and makes outlandish claims about how many systems they have fitted.

Look, truthfully, we're not overly concerned about our competitors because we know that when the truth is told, and stood side by side, we offer the very best that is available locally.

Why is this? Well Advanced Alarms has been trading since 1992, and our MD has over 20 years experience in the field. This can be proven. It's not just some fanciful claim. We have approvals and accreditations that are unrivalled in Lincolnshire. Again, these are facts.

We don't pretend to be things we are not.

We don't go knocking on people's doors approaching other people's customers either on the promise of making savings that just can't be made. Look,Advanced Alarms give great value. Our prices stand comparison with all of our competitors. Pound for pound, we give exceptional value. We have a team of engineers providing first class 24 hour service, Manned offices providing exception customer care and a place where you can come and see us and the products we offer at times that suit you.

And we have approvals that our peers can only wish to hold.

To prove this point, if you're someone who DOESN'T use us (or our sister company Abatis Fire & Security Ltd) then ask your current provider why they don't have NSI Approval AND have "Vetted by" status on the North East Lincolnshire Trading Standards Home Services Directory? Abatis Fire & Security fit and maintain both commercial intruder alarm / security systems and residential burglar alarm systems plus access sysems and much more.

Then, pick up the phone and call us for the best fire and security experience in the county. We'll be happy to hear from you.

Remember, we don't make false claims. We say whats true and put our APPROVALS where our claims are!