Beware the Doorstep seller!

We know times are tough and that we're in a competitive industry, but some companies/individuals really do take the biscuit. We know of an unapproved Cleethorpes based trader approaching people with a leaflet and a cold call in the Grimsby & Cleethorpes areas. If he's successful in persuading you to believe his claims, you might save a fiver (at the very best), but you might also be invalidating your insurance while you're at it.
Professional companies don't use these tactics. All companies approved by NSI or SSAIB will have to meet strict criteria and will provide adequate cover, a genuine 24 hour call out service, an office address and be fully insured and security screened. As approval by an industry inspectorate is voluntary, you'll have to decide for yourself why companies might not want to do so. Some will have genuine and valid reasons, others won't because they dont want to adhere to the requirements laid down by the standards.
Appoaching other people's customers on the doorstep is the trademark of a cowboy in our opinion. We feel people doing such are morally bankrupt, and would suggest they spend more time trying to build their business legitimately through recommendation and hard work.
Trading Standards advice is to never buy on the doorstep, and we heartily reinforce that advice.

If in doubt, call Trading Standards or check out approved suppliers on the National Security Inspectorate website You'll find that Advanced Alarms are included on the Trading Standards Home Services Directory and by National Security Inspectorate.

When you're trusting someone with your security requirements, are you really happy placing it in the hands of someone who comes off the street and knocks on your door uninvited?