Some of the questions we are asked

My Insurance Company say I need a Level 1 Police Response. Can you help?

Yes! We provide a wide range of system options. A Level 1 police response is obtained by using appropriately security graded alarm signalling equipment to an Approved Alarm Receiving Centre. Get in touch for a survey and quotation so we can tailor a system to meet all of your requirements.

What types of Intruder Alarm do Advanced Alarms offer?

Too many to list here! The most common commercial intruder alarm remains the higher security graded hard wired systems. Residential security is increasingly moving toward wireless and hybrid (wired mixed with wireless) systems. The wireless technology has introduced smart home capabilities as part of your home security. We will recommend what’s right for you, and not what’s easiest for us to fit.

I want an alarm that can be controlled via an app on my phone. Can you help with this?

Yes we can. Our systems will provide full control via a phone, and can give you control of power sockets, lighting, heating and more. Get in touch for more.

You didn’t install my alarm but I want it servicing, can you help with this?

Almost certainly yes. We’re able to work on a wide range of control equipment and provided you own the equipment this really should be a walk in the park.

I’ve got an alarm and now I’ve just got a dog so and it keeps triggering my alarm. What can I do?

Not a problem. There’s excellent detection devices available that will allow you to set your alarm with your pet in residence. Give us a call and we can help.

I have a faulty alarm but I don’t know the codes. Can you help?

Almost certainly yes. Get in touch and let us help.

How many fire extinguishers should I have?

The British Standard BS5306-8:2012: Selection and Positioning of Fire Extinguishers will tell you how many fire extinguishers are required to protect your premises. You should also refer to your fire risk assessment to ensure that all the risks are covered.

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