Coronavirus and the service we provide


 The situation with coronavirus is rapidly changing. As a responsible employer, we are tasked with doing what we can to limit the risk to both our employees and our customers.

 Our customers cooperation is vital to how we handle the situation with our business operations.

 What are we doing?

Moving forward and with immediate effect, we will screen every booking, whether that be for a survey, a call out, installation or service. When making or receiving a request for an appointment to an individual’s property or organisations business, we will ask if they had recently travelled to affected areas or if they have any symptoms of CoronaVirus as laid out by the Government and Health Authorities. If they have symptoms, we will reschedule your appointment to a later date.

Please do not be offended by our asking these questions, It is of the upmost importance that our customers cooperate with us fully.

Our Precautions:

Our own staff have been in receipt of advice since January about the possibility of Coronavirus spreading to the UK. All operatives are in receipt of Government and NHS advise with regards to observing good hygiene, including the use of sanitisers and hand washing.

All staff were issued with updated advise yesterday (March 12th) immediately following the revised guidance from Government and NHS and all necessary precautions will be followed by everyone associated with the business, including self-isolation if necessary. Our company will support employees wherever possible, including financially, to ensure that correct decisions are made in this regard.

We are also finalising preparations so that office administrators can continue to work from home by remote connections to their workstations and through our use of Office 365 and engineers will adopt remote support where possible.

As this is changing picture, any changes to the above will be communicated via our website and social media platforms.

PUBLISHED 13/03/2020

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